Center for Innovation in Sleep Self-Management

Sleep Intervention for Kids and Parents (SKIP): A Self-Management Pilot Study

PI: Jennifer Sonney

This Pilot Project will lay the groundwork for implementation of a multimodal tailored interface to provide parents and their children with increased knowledge, confidence, and motivation to learn sleep self-management skills (self-efficacy, motivation, activation). Results will provide preliminary outcome data that can be used in planning an RCT, delivery of treatment using a multimodal interface (web-based modules, bedroom sensors), and power calculations for outcome assessments.

Mobile Motivational Physical Activity Targeted Intervention (MobMPATI) to Improve Sleep in Older Adults with Osteoarthritis

PI: Oleg Zaslavsky

This Pilot Project will provide feasibility/acceptability and preliminary data necessary for a larger clinical trial of MobMPATI intervention to encourage physical activity in older adults with osteoarthritis (OA) as a way of reducing sleep deficiency. Preliminary testing of the intervention will indicate which measures are more sensitive in promoting self-efficacy and motivation. The knowledge gained will provide data on the benefit of a potentially cost-effective intervention that could be implemented on a large scale to improve health of older adults with OA.