Center for Innovation in Sleep Self-Management


  • April 2017: “Sleep Health Self- & Shared-Management: Measurement & Study Design Considerations” with Dr. Terri Weaver (external advisory board member) and Dr. Erica Johnson (Seattle Children’s Hospital).
  • April 2018:  “Social Media for Self-management in Patients with Chronic Condition” with Dr. Bambang Parmanto and Mr. Yong Choi, MPH.
    • Supporting Self-Management: Just-In-Time Adaptive Sleep Intervention Using mHealth – Dr. Bambang Parmanto’s presentation – click here.
    • Smartphone “Apps” to Support Sleep Self-Management: Review and Evaluation – Yong Choi’s presentation – click here.
    • Panel discussion – click here.



  • April 2017: “iCardia: An Innovative mHealth Platform by Dr. Kitsiou, a consultant with Dr. Zaslavsky, Pilot Project PI.
  • Moore, S. “Advances in the Science of Self-Management” Podium Presentation, University of Washington, School of Nursing, April 2017. Seattle, WA.
  • McCurry S. “Sleeping well, naturally” Podium Presentation, University House, October 2017. Seattle, WA.
  • McCurry S. “CBT for insomnia: A practical update”, Swedish Medical Center Sleep Center, November 2017. Seattle, WA.
  • Landis C. “Tips for Better Sleep” Podium Presentation, Hearthstone Retirement Home, March 2018. Seattle, WA.
  • Ward TM, Klee K, Chen ML, Yuwen Y. “Sleep in hospitalized Parent-Child Dyads,” Podium Presentation Western Institute of Nursing, April 2018 Spokane, WA.
  • Wang PL, Parsons E & Ward TM. “Sleep Deficiency and Symptom Clusters in Acute Lung Injury Patients”, Podium Presentation, Western Institute of Nursing, April 2018 Spokane, WA.


  • Winter 2018:  “Health behavioral change intervention that incorporate self-management strategies” bi-weekly seminars for our graduate students, post doctoral fellows, faculty, staff, and interdisciplinary colleagues. This was led by Dr. Ward.

Community/Classroom Events:

  • Williamson J. “The Influence of Sleep on Health and Well Being” Guest Speaker Presentation, Tacoma Community College, Jan 2018. Tacoma, WA.
  • Williamson J. “The Importance of Sleep” Guest Speaker Presentation, Yacolt Primary School, March 2018. Yacolt, WA.