Center for Innovation in Sleep Self-Management

Completed Projects

Sleep Intervention for Kids and Parents (SKIP): A Self-Management Pilot Study

PI: Jennifer Sonney

This Pilot Project will lay the groundwork for implementation of a multimodal tailored interface to provide parents and their children with increased knowledge, confidence, and motivation to learn sleep self-management skills (self-efficacy, motivation, activation). Results will provide preliminary outcome data that can be used in planning an RCT, delivery of treatment using a multimodal interface (web-based modules, bedroom sensors), and power calculations for outcome assessments.

Mobile Motivational Physical Activity Targeted Intervention (MobMPATI) to Improve Sleep in Older Adults with Osteoarthritis

PI: Oleg Zaslavsky

This Pilot Project will provide feasibility/acceptability and preliminary data necessary for a larger clinical trial of MobMPATI intervention to encourage physical activity in older adults with osteoarthritis (OA) as a way of reducing sleep deficiency. Preliminary testing of the intervention will indicate which measures are more sensitive in promoting self-efficacy and motivation. The knowledge gained will provide data on the benefit of a potentially cost-effective intervention that could be implemented on a large scale to improve health of older adults with OA.


Currently-funded Projects

Online Prenatal Trial in Mindfulness Sleep Management (OPTIMISM)

PI: Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon

This Pilot Project will test the feasibility and estimate the efficacy of a novel online mindfulness meditation intervention to help pregnant women with a history of depression to self-manage sleep. Mindfulness meditation targets emotional and cognitive reactivity, which is a common pathway for developing depression and insomnia symptoms. Data from this study will provide support for future randomized controlled trials and dissemination of an effective intervention.

Sleep Innovations for Preschoolers with Arthritis (SIPA)

PI: Weichao Yuwen

This Pilot Project will develop and test the usability of a technology-based sleep intervention that provides parents with the necessary tools (self-efficacy, motivation, activation) to set goals, problem solve, and improve sleep in young children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). Findings will provide important knowledge about the use of NINR common data elements in this population, guide future intervention optimization, and provide essential information for the design of a future definitive trial of the intervention.